Session Descriptions

Teaching Shakespeare in Special Collections

The first 30 minutes of this session will provide an introduction to teaching Shakespeare in a Special Collections library. The next hour will be a collaborative work session using materials from the University of Iowa collection, featuring students from the "Topics in Book History: Hawkeye Shakespeare" seminar. Undergraduate students will offer their own perspectives based on their own projects.


Adam G. Hooks, UI Department of English and Center for the Book

Amy Chen, UI Special Collections Instruction Librarian

Colleen Theisen, UI Special Collections Outreach and Engagement Librarian

Teaching Shakespeare and the (Art of the) Book

This session will focus on production, adaptation, and transformation, with an emphasis on the material and artistic re-creation of Shakespeare.

Tim Barrett, Director, UI Center for the Book

Emily Martin, UI Center for the Book

Katie Ross, UI Honors Undergraduate, "The Folio and Fanzines: Creating Amateur Publications in a Shakespeare Curriculum"

Teaching Shakespeare: Local and Global

Speaker: James Lambert, Department of English, Southern Virginia University (formerly at American University of Kuwait), "Khaleeji Shakespeare and the Performance of Local Culture"

Teaching Shakespeare from Page to Stage

Gina Hausknecht, Department of English, Coe College, "Finding the Action: Performance, Print History, and the Shakespearean Stage Direction" (

Rachel Clark, Department of English, Warburg College, "Simulating, Staging, and Flipping Shakespeare"

Colleen Kennedy, Visiting Assistant Professor of Teaching & Learning, College of Education, University of Iowa, "'...And rehearse your parts': Learning Early Modern Performance Practices by Staging Pyramus and Thisbe"

Teaching Interactive Shakespeare

Amy Chen, UI Special Collections Instruction Librarian, "Codex Conquest: The Book History Game"

Katherine Nesbit, Graduate Instructor, UI Department of English, "Sounding Shakespeare: Recitation, the Dramatic Passions, and Teaching Hamlet"

Alan MacVey, Department of Theatre Arts, University of Iowa, "Shakespeare: Stage a Scene"